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Alert trigger

Hello you all,

I have a question that would be awesome if someone could help me,

We have just add a CUCM node, we want to create an alert that when an IP Phone unregister from the CUCM we recieve an Email.

I have created the alarm, but right now we have in the call manager more than 600 phones unregister and we already know that, we just want the alert for the future phones, because in the moment I activate the alarm we will recieve more than 600 emails, is there a option that the trigger doesn´t care about the phones that are not register at the moment?

If it´s not possible, I have another question for example if i create the alert and I create a new email account, I configure the trigger and all the 600 emails are send to that email, after that if I add another email in the alert configuration, that email will recieved those 600 email too? or he just will recieved future alerts?

Thanks in advance, regards!

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