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vCloud Director support and dedicated dashboards

vCloud Director support and dedicated dashboards

Hello Solarwinds Team,

We would like to have support for vCloud Director and dedicated dashboard regarding its performance.

One of the greatest features you can add is graphical VM chain identification/shadow VMs information/ vShield Egdes performance etc etc.



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Level 7

If it does not supported by Solarwinds team yet?



Level 10

This would be a huge benefit to us as well.

Level 14

We operate a large Infrastructure as a Service offering here and the platforms team are very much looking forward to moving onto their new vCloud Director platform.

However, without any monitoring support, the SolarWinds team aren't!

Is there any news on this, or anything in the pipeline even?

---Orion orbiting the black hole of vCloud monitoring---

Level 10

Being able to give Dashboards to our VCD customers based on Org/resource pool would be a huge bonus as well.


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Community Manager
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