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multiple Virtualization Managers in Orion

multiple Virtualization Managers in Orion

Would like to see the ability to have multiple Virtualization Managers integrate with Orion. We have 2 instances of Virtualization Manager 1 for VDI and 1 for Servers. Integration only allows for 1 at a time to be connected.

Level 14

Hi tonym1216,

Why do you have/maintain separate instances of Virtualization Manager?

Level 9

We manage our View VDI environment and vSphere Server environment completely different. Different thresholds, some alerts disabled and alerts going to different groups so at the time it was easier to just have 2 environments



Product Manager
Product Manager

Closing this, as with the VMAN 8 releases, the appliance is no longer necessary for all of the great VMAN functionality.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Closed