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Support for collecting and alerting on vCenter Alarms

Support for collecting and alerting on vCenter Alarms

Would like to see VMAN collecting vCenter alarms as defined here Preconfigured vSphere Alarms as well as custom alarms and have the ability to alert on them in Orion

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if this made available in VMAN then it would be perfect and not relying on different tools which reduce the cost also...

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I would like to vote this up - great to see its being worked on..

Product Manager
Product Manager

I'm happy to share that VMAN 8.4 has implemented this request Virtualization Manager 8.4 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support 

With VMware events support, preconfigured alarms like what is listed in your document are collected and input into your VMAN installation. You can alert, report and see those alarms side by side with your other integrated data for VMAN.

For a deeper dive, take a look at some of the release candidate documents:

VMware Event Monitoring Overview

DEAR VMAN: How do I alert for vMotion?

I'd love to hear your feedback on this feature and how we can continue to improve it for you in the future.