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Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control

We'd like to expand the product to non-admin users, but the lack of role based access presents major issues.  It would be nice to have the ability to control access to specific dashboards & widgets through an AD group membership.

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Level 7

We would definitely like to see the same, we are an MSP and we would love out customers to be able to login to our installation but only see thier dashboard.

Level 8

It looks as though this was submitted almost 2 years ago - and it being 'worked on'. Can we get an update on a timeline for this - this is a giant feature we would like to make use of with VMAN.

Level 14

Hi bbeut,

It is in the "What We're Working On" state because it is one of the major features we are delivering in VMan 6.1, which is currently in RC. We are delivering the functionality via the integration with SAM/NPM, so I'm guessing from your statement that you are an Orion-less customer. Don't worry, we are actively trying to figure out how to deliver currently Orion-less customers that functionality as well. Stay tuned!

Level 13

Status changed to implemented.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented