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Recently updated VM configurations

Recently updated VM configurations

This report is a start but doesn't appear to have some of the crucial information we need for auditing purposes.

We need to know what changed - from what to what?  Who changed it?

I know that vCenter doesn't currently give us any detail on what actually changed, but VMan tracks the VMs settings so it should be able to report that a CPU was added or removed or that additional memory was added.  For example, I'm looking at a VM now that was reconfigured yesterday but all VMan will tell me is that something changed but not what.  It doesn't even list the memory configuration on the report.  There's no hint that somebody added memory to the guest.

Can this be added in a future release, or is there a way for me to get this information out of VMan today?

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This is a good start, but what would be even better from a VM configuration standpoint would be a "timeline" view, wherein one could see a history of changes to the VM.

Product Manager
Product Manager

VMAN 8.4 provides the ability to monitor VMware events Virtualization Manager 8.4 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Configuration changes are surfaced as VMware events, and appear in VMAN in real-time.

For example, I've reconfigured my VM "James Shouldice Ncentral" with an extra hard drive these events appear for the virtual machine:


Clicking into the event details, I can see not only what was changed, but i can also see who did it! 


More details around event monitoring can be found :

VMware Event Monitoring Overview

Virtualization Manager 8.4 is Now Generally Available