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Integration: Virtualization Manager with SAM and NPM.

Integration: Virtualization Manager with SAM and NPM.

Want to see Virtualization Manager data inside SAM and NPM.

Integration would include:

  • Seeing Virtualization Manager data in native Orion resources in the proper context.
  • Navigating to and from VirtMan resource/views without leaving SAM/NPM.
  • Link out to Virtualization Manger interface while maintaining context of the current object.

Refrenced thread: Re: Add Virtualization Manager as an additonal tab to NPM

Update: This was implemented in Virtualization Manager 6.0 - see Dreams Do Come True: Virtualization Manager Integration with SAM and NPM.

Level 7

We've used the "Useful Links" section of Orion's Home page to add links to Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager.

Level 10

Full integration with Orion will be MOST welcome. VMAN feels like a bit of a spare wheel at the moment, even when using the Custom HTML resource to pull in widgets to Orion.

Level 13

yes, i concur with stef

pls integarte with theNPM orion console so that we have single point access as well as DB integration, event correlation etc

Product Manager
Product Manager

We are accepting requests to join the Virtualization Manager beta - please see this post:

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented