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Hyper-V Replica Status

Hyper-V Replica Status

The ability to monitor and send alerts based on the status of Hyper-V replicas is critical to our operation. It is our DR strategy to use Hyper-V replica and we have found occasions when some Replica's have stopped replicating. Currently we have to run PowerShell to monitor this across multiples sites and multiple clusters. Ideally VMan should be able to pickup this information and send out alerts when the Replica Status is not Normal.

Also, when currently looking at VM's with VMan which have been replicated, each replicated VM show as existing on two separate Hyper-V Clusters, Hosts and on two separate sets of Storage. Which is technically true but doesn't display it as say Primary site and DR sites locations etc.

The Powershell Measure-VMReplication gives all the required information including replication status, link latency, last replication time and the amount of data waiting to be replicated. (See Attached)

If this could be added against the VM's if they are setup for replication and then the ability to graph replication size and latency would be great.

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This is exactly what we are looking for as well!

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We'd love this as well.   Hyper-V replicas also show as being turned off, which is not helpful.

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Same boat, would make the tool much more useful.

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For anyone who ended up here looking for monitoring of replica. This is what I ended up using. Powershell with a scheduled task. It gets the job done until it is built into something pretty like Orion.

TechNet Advanced Hyper-V Replica Monitoring via PowerShell

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Is this a feature yet? It should be.

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