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Bring VMWare Folders into Orion VMAN

Bring VMWare Folders into Orion VMAN

One of many features that used to be in the original VMAN Appliance that didn't make it into Orion VMAN is the ability to view what VMWare folders that virtualization objects are in.  We can't see any VMWare folder information in the new Orion VMAN.  I would really like to see this info made available in Orion VMAN.  I know I can create a PowerShell script that gets that data from the VMWare API and bring it in as Groups via the Orion API.  Before I do that though, I'd like to know that this is something SolarWinds plans to implement, as this was a feature before the "upgrade" to Orion VMAN...

Ideally, it'd be great if we could choose to organize our virtual objects in the Virtualization Assets view resource/widget using the VMWare folder hierarchy or by using the current VCenter/DataCenter/Cluster hierarchy.

I'd like to see VMAN Folders like the ones shown below (this is a screen-grab from one of our vSphere environment) :