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Alerting, Reporting, Trending of VMware Vmotions

Alerting, Reporting, Trending of VMware Vmotions

This would be super handy to be able to visually trend our DRS activity. This would help determine how busy a cluster is since excessive vmotion can be a sign of issues.

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I would also like this report funciton.

Product Manager
Product Manager

VMAN 8.4 provides the ability to monitor VMware events Virtualization Manager 8.4 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Virtualization Manager 8.4 is Now Generally Available

I wrote a quick document describing how to hook into this for real time alerting on vmotions. DEAR VMAN: How do I alert for vMotion? 

With VMAN, you'll get the vmware events, the alerting and reporting.

If you're looking to have a visual of the trend of vmotions, then you'll want to add in Log Analyzer Log Analyzer 2.0 is now Generally Available

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented