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What metrics does VMan use to determine if a VM is oversized?

I have several VM's that are showing that they are oversized.  What I would like to do is document why they are considered over sized so that I can present our measurements to our development team.  From their we will document and reduce the size of the VM's. 

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I assume you are talking about Oversized VMs trend, aren't you? If so, the trend description is "VMs who peak at less than 30% CPU or 30% memory consumption for the past week and are configured for more than minimal resources", the search query is:
vm.powerstate:poweredOn AND ((vm.cpuloadSumpeak.week:[0 TO 30] AND vm.cpuCount:[2 TO *]) OR (vm.memloadPeak.week:[0 TO 30] AND vm.memory:[2048 TO *]))

You can obtain such information in Explore - Content menu (focus on the requested item, details will show at the bottom).

If you want to distinguish whether CPU or Memory is the main factor, please look at those alerts:

VM CPU Overallocated => search query: vm.cpuCount:[2 TO *] AND vm.powerstate:poweredOn AND vm.cpuloadSumpeak.week:[0 TO 30]

VM Memory Overallocated => search query: vm.memory:[2048 TO *] AND vm.powerstate:poweredOn AND vm.consumedPercentMemload.week:[0 TO 30]

Is this information useful for you? If not, please describe your problems / needs in detail.