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Vmware VDI

We are trying to obtain the following VDI stats in solarwinds.  I am not a VMware guy.  I cross posted something similar in SAM.

1. number VDI users supported 24 hours (no duplicates)

2. Maximum concurrent users in 24 hours (no duplicates)

3. The number of VDI users in a disconnected state. 

4. total users involuntarily disconnected per 24 hours

Basically some of the similar numbers found on the Horizion status page.

In SAM I can pull the sessions count.  We dont have VMAN (yet) but this would add to our use case; We are also working closely with our vendor for trial licenses in our environment if we can get mgt these numbers.


Thank you





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VMAN doesn't really collect the data you are asking for anyway, so it's not relevant to this scenario. Basically you just need to sit down with the local VMware guy and ask them to write you scripts to get each of those metrics from powerCLI, then you set up a SAM monitor to run those scripts. Unfortunately nothing in SW is going to make that work any easier for you, just a basic script monitor pointed at your vcenter.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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