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Virtualization manager queries related to VM alerts and memory utilization


I am evaluating Solarwinds Virtualization Manager software and have recently deployed it in my environment.

My question is that some of the Virtual Machines are showing incorrect alerts (alert is "VMs rebooted") I have checked it through Hyper-V manager and no such event occurred. Moreover it is also not showing memory utilization of virtual servers on which we have assigned static. So I need support and guidance to resolve these issues.

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Hyper-V unfortunately doesn't provide any way how to measure static memory usage. I would recommend to enable dynamic memory. In case you are using SolarWinds Orion products too, you can poll that VM as Node from Orion as well which gives you more options how to get memory usage (SNMP/WMI). KB on that - Hyper-V virtual machines do not show memory utilization - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Suppor...

And about false VM rebooted alerts: This is known issue: I would recommend you to customize the alert to filter out VMs which are powered off in case you don't want to be distracted with vms which are not running. The alerts can be also generated due to recent vMotion so in case of having troubles with vmware vms, you can change the uptime query to osUpTime which is resistant to vMotions (you need to run on VMan 6.3.1 HF1 or later).

to filter only running vms:

vm.uptime:[0 TO 1800] AND vm.powerstate:poweredOn

To utilize osUpTime you need to have vmware tools installed and enabled on vm.

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Thanks for your replies. Just needed to point out that there are no vmware vms in our environment. We have only Hyper-V vms and we also perform Live migrations quite often. So isnt there any solution similar to the one you suggested for vmware vms uptime query that can be applied for Hyper-V ones?

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