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Virtualization Summary data not updating after failover

We're running into an issue where it seems the data from VMAN isn't updating since we had an HA failover a few days ago. Here's what we have...

  • The Virtualization polling settings shows the vCenter server and all hosts with a polling status of "polling" and a green check. Sounds good, but...
  • The vCenter Details page for the vCenter server says "Could not poll" and the hosts and clusters all say "could not poll - bad credentials" 
  • When trying to assign credentials, a test of the current credentials returns "Test failed! Bad credentials." Same result when creating a new cred entry using the right user/passwd.
  • Logging into the vcenter UI and MOB with those creds works fine and they haven't been altered on the VMware side in the recent past as far as I can tell.
  • The Last Poll Time on the ESX hosts matches the failover time +/- a few minutes.

Since we can log into the vcenter UI and MOB with the credentials I suspect the SW error is a red herring. Is there something we can check to see what is actually failing? Also, the polling settings showing all is well while the actual status pages showing that nothing is polling is concerning - like SW's right hand can't see what the left is doing.

Any ideas what to check next?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

I did some digging but didn't find any similar cases and since you have validated the creds are good by going straight to the MOB it might be a good time to open a ticket and let the team do some troubleshooting with you.

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