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Level 12

Virtualization Manager Service Release 4.0.4 is Now Available

A service release update (4.0.4) has been released for Virtualization Manager.  Release notes are here

Existing customers can upgrade to this version by accessing the customer portal

The trial version of Virtualization Manager has also been updated to this release.


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Level 7

We applied the service release update 4.0.4, but can't get a configuration job to finish.  The configuration job has been running for over 2 days. Also the entire web interface is really slow which I assume is being caused by the configuration job running forever.   We had the same problem with the initial release of the version 4 product.  Is this a known issue with the update?  If so, when will it be corrected?

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Have you filed a support ticket to look into this?  If not, please do so.



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I have an on going support ticket for the 4.x version.  I asked about the issue we are experiencing, the config job running forever, and was told it is an know issue and the development group is working on a fix.  I was hoping you could provide a date on when the issue will be corrected as support did not. This issue makes the 4.x version unusable, so we are staying with version 3.x.



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