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Virtual Manager e-mail alerts

Sorry if this is re-post, but is there a way limit the e-mail alerts to a single e-mail, as opposed to continuous e-mail alerts?  I'd like to direct the e-mail alerts to our service desk, but don't want to do if a ton of alerts will be e-mailed out.

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in VMAN you can define when the emails are sent to one or more recipients (consecutive events, only when raised):


See Alert Notification for further details.

In Setup - System Properties menu there's an "alert.rollup" property (by default = true). If it's set to true, all VMs (Hosts, Datastores, ..) are sent in one email:


Otherwise you'll get separate emails for each VM:


If you are talking about possibility to merge rsults from different alerts into one email then answer is no, it's not possible.

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Hi there:

Sorry for the very long reply time.  When I configure the alerts, I have the option to select either notify on consecutive alerts or notify only when raised.  What is notify only when raised?  What I would like ot so is have only a single e-mail generated per alert until it gets cleared so I can have the e-mail sent to our service desk.  Can that be done?


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Level 12

Malcolm, if the "Notify only when raised" checkbox is unticked then you'll get the email when the alert is raised and also when the alert is lowered. See the VMAN Admin manual, Alerts (Notifications) for further details. There are decribed all available options. I suppose you look for the last one, don't you?


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