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VMan Memory Thresholds and VDI Instant Clone CP-Parents


I am running into a situation where the VMWare Instant Clone CP-Parent VMs are causing a significant amount of noise in my monitoring.  All of them are being alarmed by Memory Utilization thresholds alarming in VMAN itself on the host.

I have been able to modify the alerts within VMAN for bad tools, Memory under-allocation and others, but they are continuing to alert in the VM itself for having 99% utilization.

Is there a way to exclude these ephemeral VMs from monitoring the memory state, as it is always going to be somewhere between 95-99% used at all times, and then the VMs are destroyed and rebuilt with new names anytime the user logs off.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

I agree with @m_roberts here... See if there is anything at all that can identify these VMs. I know you said they are volatile and get destroyed and created frequently but if they have a specific IP range they come from or if there is a consistent sub-string in the VM name you could use those as exclusions to the alert:



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I do not have such a setup to test anything, but the principle here is finding a way to identify the servers that are running in this ephemeral state. If this is not something VMan polling is picking up natively, if you have SAM, you may be able to create a SAM monitor which can capture this information and then use as a filter in your alert defintion to exclude servers that match the identifier captured by SAM.

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