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VMAN Snapshot query - summary count = 0, old snapshots still shown.

Hi All,

Noticed this yesterday, is it an issue. Running: VMAN 8.5.0 HF2

[dbo].[VirtualMachines] has a column SnapshotSummaryCount
It appears that this value can be 0 for a VM, but a snapshot reference/s can still exist in [dbo].[VIM_Snapshots].

We tested this, deleted a VM's only snapshot, the reference to the snapshot remains but the count drops to 0.

I would expect most vms to have a 0 snapshot count and no entry in [dbo].[VIM_Snapshots] at that point; should it not clear out once a snapshot is deleted or on a regular basis? I have checked the next working day and still there.

Are these now orphaned. Just concerned if indicative of an issue. Does anyone else see this in their installations?

This may show them easier:

SELECT VMV.VirtualMachineID,
VMV.GuestState as GuestState,
SS.Name as "SnapShot Name",
SS.DateCreated as SnapshotCreation

FROM [dbo].[VirtualMachinesView] as VMV inner join [dbo].[VIM_Snapshots] as SS on VMV.VirtualMachineID=SS.VirtualMachineID
--where SnapshotSummaryCount !=0 and PlatformName != 'Hyper-V'
--to hide the 0s and limit it to VMware.

Thank you

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