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VM Disk Latency Alerts

Since upgrading our environment to ESXi/vCenter 6.5U2 we have been experiencing "VM Disk Latency" according to VMAN. Frequently it will show latency approaching 25 seconds! After hours of trying to find the cause of this latency we are starting to wonder if the data in Orion could be incorrect. We can not find any evidence of latency exceeding 8ms in vCenter nor on the hosts using esxtop.

Where is VMAN pulling the VM Disk stats from and how can I validate that an issue actually exists?

*Note: VMAN 8.2.1 HF1

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Did you ever find out anything about this issue?  I'm seeing the exact same thing on our installation where Solarwinds is frequently throwing VM DIsk Latency alerts yet Vcenter shows no issues.

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Could you ask VMware to have a look at that please as it should have been fixed in 6.5U2 but even in 6.7 it seems to still exist?
Extreme Latency Spikes in ESXi 6.5, but not in ... |VMware Communities

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Please take a look at vCenter 5.5/6.5 VMs display high latency with enormous values in VMAN - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. H...

Too high latency values on VMs already come from VCenter API and we can't do much about it. We filter out values higher than 1 minute. Can you please check how it looks like in vsphere client on performance dashboard?

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I did look at that KB but I do not feel that is my current issue. The metrics are off by seconds not years and also we are on VMAN 8.2.1 which is not applicable (According to the KB). I will go ahead and open a case as well so support can track this issue.

VM Disk Latency in Solarwinds:

VM disk latency Issue (Solarwinds).jpg

VM Disk Latency in vCenter:

The spike was due to a planned Nexus upgrade and is expected.

VM disk latency Issue (vCenter).jpg

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Case # 00179850 has been opened regarding this issue.

Product Manager
Product Manager

markhgc  wrote:

Case # 00179850 has been opened regarding this issue.

Thank you! I've started following the case to see what our support rep has to say.

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