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SWQL Query tool

Can i attach the SWQL Query tool to Virtualization Manager?

If not, what is the process to get attached to the database for queries?

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yes starting with Virtualization Manager 6.0 provides a SWIS service to which you can connect using the SWQL Studio. However, be aware that since support for this was added mainly for purpose of integration with SAM and NPM it was tuned up for that specific purpose. This means that you may not be able to access all the data that you would like to this way.

Connecting to the Virtualization Manager is a little bit different from connecting to the Orion SWIS:

  1. You need to specify full endpoint address in the following format:
  2. Then for the Server Type select: Java over HTTP
  3. You can then log in using Virtualization Manager credentials

Following is the screenshot of the log in dialog:


Now I suppose that you have default Virtualization Manager installation which uses self signed certificate for the HTTPS port, if that is the case you will see another dialog informing you about certificate issue. When you see this dialog just hit Yes.


After that you should be able to see and query some of the Virtualization Manager entities:


Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey chrispaap is connecting to the VMAN DB via SWQL supported?  I have a team that wants to extract some of the lineage data from VMAN (vCenter > Cluster > Host > Last known host, Host > Datastores, etc.).  Wondering if this would be better extracted from the NPM DB when we set up integration.


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If you enable integration with NPM, then you should get almost all information that is available via VMan SWIS in Orion (just be aware that VMan SWIS instance only provides limited amount of data from VMan). The only exception I believe is information about LUNs and NASes.

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Thanks for the response.  I'll get our development team both options as getting access to the LUN data would be preferable, though using our Orion SQL DB would be a lot easier.

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Hi jbiggley,

How time sensitive is this request? If it can wait, a lot of that LUN/NAS information should be available natively on the Orion DB in the next VMAN release to support E2E integration with SRM. I would hate for you guys to go build a bunch of custom code querying VMAN now and have it "the easy way" in a bit if it's not immediately required.

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Awesome.  Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.  We are still in the initial scope definition stages. Knowing that the information will be available natively in the Orion DB is huge.  We'll definitely defer until the next release.  Very excited to see the increased integration, especially if I can layer SRM into the mix.

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Hey lukas.cerny when I follow those instructions with VMAN 6.1 I get an error (after the certificate error) about being unable to connect due to basic authentication.  Have you been able to do this with VMAN 6.1?  I'm using SWQL Studio version


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Hi, are you sure you are using correct username and password? Because this error shows up when VMan is unable to authenticate the account. If you are trying to log in using domain account I'd recommend to try VMan account instead, or you can try to create a new user account and use it for connection.

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That was the trick Lukas!  The local admin account that I use to log into the web console (not the individual appliances for administration via the :5480 page) worked like a champ.  Domain account definitely did not work though.

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That's a fairly old version of SWQL Studio. Before you spend too much time investigating this, I would try updating to 1.9. You can get it from On the other hand, Lukas may already know what's going on here.

Never mind, carry on!

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Oh man, typing fail.  Sorry, updated the version to correctly state  I am running the latest/greatest.

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I would like to have my integration engineer get familiar with this but I cannot get to even the login portion -I can get the WSDL here but not the connection dialog.

Should I pass this off to them or is there something I might be doing wrong?

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Hello bluefunelemental,

you need to use SWQL Studio from Orion SDK to connect to Virtualization Manager SWIS Service. You can find the download links in theOrion SDK forum. It comes with several example scripts.


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I see alot of data that i wanted.  Querying all the tables in your post function as expected.  Thank you very much, it'll gets me to the next step of my endevour.

While exploring the data database info through SQL, i see alot of references about VMAN.OrionIntegration and i don't recall setting anything up of the sort in my VMAN configuration.  Is this just prepatory stuff for coming changes?

And a final new question about the SWQL Studio tool.  Anyway to close open tabs???   As i'm digging around exploring, i find tables i want to work with but the workspace gets cluterred with the 5 other tables i opened to find what my data of interest.

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RE: VMan Orion integration - yes, version 6.0 added extensive integration features in Orion - if you have not turned them on, you are missing the all the good stuff!  For more info on features and how to turn on the integration, please review:

As far as the SWQL question, Lukas can give you a better answer.  Note that 6.0.1 was just released and has some improvements to the SWQL integration.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.0.1 Release Notes


Perfect will try it out when u make it back to my desk. Will let you know the results. Thanks for taking time to reply

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