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Report for Peak IOPs per ESX & Datastore

Hi guys,

I'd like to create a report that shows the peak I/O usage per ESX and per Datastore.
I'd also like to have that report show the peak I/O usage for all ESX servers combined and all Datastores combined.

The report should summarize peak I/O per hour, per day and per month.
This of course should be on an per ESX, and per Datastore level.

The report is going to be scheduled to run and send results by mail once completed.
The report is going to be used to decide whether the calculated IOPs throughput made available by the Datastore(s) is under or over utilized by the ESX servers.

Notes: Datastores are NOT dedicated.

How do i do that?

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Level 17

Please refer to the Data Export section in the new blog

when you select the peakIOPs attribute you will get options to select Hourly, Daily, Monthly and you can then schedule your report

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I also uploaded reports to get you started. Import it from the Content section of the web console. You can add the monthly, hourly to this report

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Thanks, although i can't get it to work.

I went to content, Clicked on Import Content, Selected the downloaded file, imported it but couldn't find it afterwards!

I imported it again, this time setting permission to private so that i can find it in the by user/permission section. All there is in the private group is Report: Administrator and the date for that report doesn't match with today's date.

Where does the report that you have made available get saved once imported? Searching for the filename doesn't find anything. Is it tagged with anything?

Running v4.1.0



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