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Regarding inserting widget into ITSM

Hello Folks,

I do have VMAN module in my setup am using HTTP post trigger for creating tickets in third party ITSM Tool with the help of REST API. 

Now I do able to post SolarWind  SWIS variables in the body of ITSM, similar way can we post SW widgets (CPU,Memory,etc..,) also into ITSM. 

Please do suggest if anybody have an idea.


Nandha Kumar V




can you suggest on this

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Do you want to just put the numbers into the ticket, or are you trying to actually include a graphic / graphical chart?


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Hello Sturdy,

Actually, I was looking for that graphical chart to insert into ticket when using http post trigger action

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Can you elaborate on what you want to include in the ticket? If i understand you are comfortable with variables like those described here 

Are there specific variables you are looking for?

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Hello Tonny,

Thanks for the update.

I am looking for the respective alert CPU/memory wizard to insert into ticket.

Eg. CPU Load & Memory Utilization wizard, Resource Performance Wizard

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