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Orion VMAN Metrics Information Question

With the old VMAN Appliance, there used to be a huge section in the documentation specifically listing how each metric was gathered from the VMWare API.  I remember an Excel spreadsheet that showed each individual metric, whether it was gathered during the Performance polling cycle (every 10 minutes by default) or the Configuration polling cycle (which was every 4 hours by default).  It also showed what VMWare API object VMAN queried to get the data and it had notes on how SolarWinds calculated the data.

I ask because our VMWare Admins are trying to understand how SolarWinds collects latency metrics.  They are seeing large discrepancies in what they expect the numbers to be based on what they see in VSphere's monitoring vs. what numbers they are seeing in VMAN.  Specifically they want to know how Virtual Machine latency is gathered and calculated vs. how Datastore Latency is gathered and calculated in VMAN.


Also, with the old VMAN Appliance, even though Performance metrics were gathered every 10 minutes, VMAN would gather the last 10 minutes of data and was able to show you the detailed data during that period down to each 20 second collection of data.  With Orion VMAN it seems that it only gathers point-in-time data, meaning it averages/mins/maxes the values over the last 10 minutes into a single number.  Is there plans to bring Orion VMAN more inline with the old VMAN appliance as far as accessing the more detailed data that the appliance used to gather?

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Anyone, maybe a SolarWinds employee that has some access to the question here?  Maybe bmrad or omri can answer this or access someone in SolarWinds who can?


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Sorry for the delayed response here... We shuffled product managers a bit recently and I am just getting ramped up. I am actively researching if there is anything published that outlines the Orion based VMAN metrics in the same way as the chart related to the old appliance.