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Missing Orion VMAN features (which were in the VMAN Appliance)

I'd like to start gather together a list of features which are missing from the Orion VMAN replacement for the VMAN Appliance.

1.  Inability to search for datastores

There are really basic features which are missing.   I cannot figure out how to search for a datastore and displays its metrics, where you could just type the datastore name, or a partial name plus wildcard, and get a list of datastores, then drill down in to the metrics of the one you want.

2. Inability to display progress of scans.

In the VMAN appliance you could see when scans were being run against ESX hosts / vCenters and it would show up ones with problems.   We can't see this information, it seems to be buried in text-based log files.  This isn't helpful when trying to diagnose whether scans are working correctly.

3. Alerting is slower

Notifications about events seems to coincide with some of the infrequent scans, the ones which occur every 8-12 hours, and thus notifications of events such as snapshots being taken, etc.,  are delayed to such extend that they cannot be called monitoring, which historical reference.  Unless they arrive quickly they become meaningless.   If the system tells me a snapshot was taken 12 hours ago it has no real use.  How can alerting be speeded up to match what Solarwinds offers elsewhere.

I'd like to hear what features other people feel are missing from Orion VMAN.   I welcome the integration verses having to update appliances and collectors.   The new update process is much better, but there are serious missing, very basic, features in the Orion VMAN module which were features we paid substantial sums for in the appliance, but which have not been brought in to VMAN Orion.   Given these are absolutely fundamental features, such as search for a datastore, and I can't figure out how to do this most simplist of things in Orion VMAN, I would go back to the appliance if I could.  But given new features are only now appearing in Orion VMAN we seem to have little choice.

And please, before anybody says, I can't run the appliance as well as the Orion VMAN as it just would not work and I couldn't get Solarwinds support to fix it, so I just gave up trying.

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