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Low VM Capacity Issue


New to Solarwinds and currently evaluating "Virtualization Manager v7.0.0.1367"

2 of our clusters (cluster3 and cluster4 in table below) are reporting Cluster Low VM Capacity.

I know there is lots of capacity.

On checking the Capacity Planning tab within Virtualization Manager the results are as per below.

I note that cluster3 and cluster 4 show different from the others.

Are the Low Capacity and planning results related?

Is there anything else I should be checking around both the results and the Low VM Capacity issue?

cluster1 - New Usage Profile14.3 (Disk)487 (Disk)14.3 (Disk)0.4 (Disk)
cluster2 - New Usage Profile20.9 (Disk)183 (Mem)20.9 (Disk)0.6 (Disk)
cluster3 - New Usage Profile0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)
cluster4 - New Usage Profile0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)
cluster5 - New Usage Profile20.9 (Disk)179 (Mem)20.9 (Disk)0.6 (Disk)

Many thanks.

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The usage profile and capacity planning options you pick has a play into the results.  Did you change any options from default?  What is your usage profile set to?  How many days of data have you collected so far?

Thanks for response.

Turns out, just hadn't collected enough data yet....

All working now.

To answer your question though, defaults were all left as out the box.

Thanks again!

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Glad to help.

Typically, when I do capacity planning, I like to go well beyond the 5 days default.  So, as you collect more data, you may notice the numbers change a bit.

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