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Linux KVM in VMAN?

We are mostly a VMWare shop, but run our Oracle products on Oracle Linux.   We are in the process of moving away from OracleVM to Linux 7 KVM for virtualization, since Oracle has announced it will no longer be developing for OVM and it is the recommended replacement.   I never expected VMAN to support OVM as it was a bit of a niche product, but KVM seems to be much more widely used in the Oracle / RedHat community.  I found an older article from 2018 that said Linux KVM support in VMAN is on the roadmap.   Can anyone confirm that, and if so, and ETA?



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Product Manager
Product Manager

At the moment support for KVM is not on our near term road map. We continue to monitor demand for that support and are still taking feature requests for it here:

The fact that Oracle are pushing OVM customers in that direction is certainly of interest and will no doubt increase its numbers. 

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