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Level 9

Is there a report that shows iops for each VM over seven days?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Level 12


yes, there's such report in VMAN.

I. IOPs report from a chart

1) perform a search over VMs you want to get

2) select all the VMs and press "Add to Chart" (if there are more than 20 VMs then you can add them later on) - choose "IOPs" metrics and x-axis set to "Last 7 Days"

3) press "Save Report...", set Max. details and Max. points (for Raw data for last 7 days the MaxPoints = 1008 [in case of default 6 Performance cycles per hour]).

4) in Explore - Content you can download the XLS report



II. IOPs report through Data Export

1) go to Reporting - Data Export menu; Choose VM as Item Type and insert the Search query

2) on the right pane add the attributes you want (i.e. "vm.iops" attribute, "week" average values) and run the report

3) in Reporting - Report Schedules you can download the report as XLS file or configure the report to be launched periodically with an option to send results via email


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