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Is there a feature comparison doc for IVIM and Virtualization Manager?

We're in the process of implementing the Integrated Virtualization Infrastructure Manager (IVIM) with ORion Npm 10.7, and I'd like to find a document that lists the features of each tool for comparison purposes.

I want to present this to out vm team so we can match up their requirements against IVIM and see if any gaps might be worth the cost of using Virtualization Manager.

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Hi ctmidnight,

We don't have such a document, although this has been a popular question on Thwack:

Re: Virtualization Manager

Re: What is difference between Virtualization Manager and NPM Virtualization Tab?

Re: IVIM versus Virtualization Manager

In summary:

1) IVIM is good for basic up/down status and provides a couple of metrics on your virtual infrastructure (network, CPU, memory).

2) Virtualization Manager provides you in-depth tools for monitoring and managing your virtual infrastructure. At a high level, there are tools like the Performance Analyzer, Capacity Planning, Trending, Chargeback and Showback Dashboards, Storage Dashboards, and Integration with SolarWinds Storage Manager.

Thanks very much for the response, but several questions remain that I can't seem to get answers from the product docs.

One that was posed to us from our vm team was how does IVIM or VMAN respond to vCenter alarms?

After looking through the manuals I think the answer is that neither product has a direct integration with any existing alarms defined within vCenter.

I some competing tools I've worked with, there is an option to inherit alarms from vCenter; in the case of IVIM & VMAN it seem that the only way to inherit or act upon an alarm condition from vCenter is to add an action in the vCenter alarm to send a trap to Orion.

Would you or any of our other readers have experience in this area with either IVIM or VMAN that would challenge this belief?

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You are correct in that VMAN nor IVIM does not integrate with existing alarms defined within vcenter. You are also correct in that you can configure SNMP traps for vcenter and point them to the orion server to collect.  The following link is a run through on managing syslogs and traps with Orion that should be helpful.  In addition VMAN 6.2 now has a stand alone Orion component for scenarios that do not have VMAN currently integrated with SAM or NPM.

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