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Hardware Monitoring for ESXI Servers

Hi All,

Whether VMAN has a capable of monitoring power,fan and temperature of esxi servers?

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Peter is correct the VMAN appliance by itself can not monitor hardware health but when you integrate with Orion you get access to hardware health , perfstack, recommendations, appstack, improved reporting and Alerting, etc. 

You can integrate with NPM or SAM but if you prefer a standalone VMAN instance the VMAN download zip includes the Orion stand-alone Orion install which is used to integrate to the VMAN appliance without SAM or NPM.

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If i prefer a standalone VMAN then i would still need two separate servers for installing VIM and the DB server, right? And then integrate the VMAN instance with VIM server.

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That is correct, VMAN 8 RC is right around the corner and will allow for a single install with the VMAN pollers in Orion.  So, in this case, you would just need have the single install

that would be fantastic... great to hear that....

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So VMAN and orion can be in same server ?

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Once VMAN 8.0 is available yes, the VMAN installer will be similar to SRM, NPM, & SAM.

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Level 10

VMAN appliance is not able to monitor Hardware Health.

If you have VMAN integrated with VIM in Orion:
+ you need license on VIM/SAM