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Datastore available space inconsistent with VMWare

Hi all,

We've had an ongoing issue with regards to Solarwinds not correctly detecting the available space of our datastores which are being monitored via VMAN. This is resulting in false alerts being triggered.

For example, a datastore triggered an alert as the available space hit 6mb, whereas VMWare actually shows that 1Gb is available. This issue occurs on other Datastores being monitored.

We are using the latest modules:

Orion, IPAM, NCM, NPM, BTA, VMAN 2019.4

Our ESXI's were added as VMware entities but are being polled by ICMP.

I've attached screenshots of another example which says one of our datastores has 400gb free, whereas VMWare states over 1Tb is free.

Any assistance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Please open a ticket with Solarwinds support. To speed up troubleshooting, you can check freeSpace values provided by vSphere API



to get YOUR_DATASTORE_MOID just run this sql query on solarwinds db: SELECT ManagedObjectID FROM VIM_Datastores WHERE Name = 'SP-NIMBLE-CFP-08'

I'd be curious if the nimble is doing some kind of data dedupe and VMWare has multiple ways of displaying free space, possible some with dedupe in effect and others that don't count it?

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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