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Custom Report - All VMs by Host With Summary

Hello all,

I'm trying to create a report to list all VM guests, grouped by the VM host they are currently on.

I've managed to do this by grouping the table by Virtual Host - Host Name.  So far each host it simply shows the Host Name.

What I would like to do is to have a header for each Host, so I can show the CPU Count, RAM etc in the host.  In a footer, I'd like to count the CPUs / RAM allocated to the guests.

Is this something that will need SWQL?



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You could create a custom table looking at the Virtual Host to show the Host-specific information on its own in a table and just position it above your existing Virtual Machine report.

This is just roughly, but something like this?


- David Smith
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Thanks David.

That would be one way to do it, though not ideal as on a bigger report you'd need to keep flipping back to the first table to see the host details. Could you count the total VM resources assigned for each host?

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What stats exactly do you want to see?

- David Smith
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Header for each host would ideally show the name, hypervisor, CPU core count and RAM.  Then each guest VM running on that host - name, OS, vCPUs and RAM assigned, finishing with a summary footer to show the totals for vCPU and RAM.

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Did you ever get this working??

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