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Clarification of VMAN Free Additional Polling Engine (APE)

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Is there documentation that more completely details the role, function, and implementation of the VMAN Free Additional Polling Engine (APE)?

(....what aspect of VMAN are they intended to be used for? ,   which installer would be used to install one?... )


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Hi Mark,

What functionality of NCM is broken when you installed the VMAN poller?

The free polling engine should not interfere with any of the NCM jobs, as they do not have the packages necessary to run jobs from products other than SRM and VMAN.

The installer used to run the FPE can be found from the SolarWinds web console, navigate to Settings -> Polling Engines and the installer can be found on the top right-hand side of the page.

When the installer runs it will give you two options:


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