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Capacity Planning Reports

I am running these reports against our production environment and when running a scenario where I am adding new VMs the results are a bit confusing.  Under the CPU usage section it shows that we are no where near capacity.  However, under the available virtual capacity section with the VM profiles it shows that we do not have sufficient resources for new VMs and the constraint is CPU.  The only reasoning I can come up with is that the physical core count is too low since actual utilization is not high (~40%).  If this is the case, it seems like it could be made clearer in the report.  Or, if there is something I am missing, what could it be?

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When you run a scenario where you add 10 VM under cpu usage you would see what would happen "simulated utilisation". When you look at the available virtual capacity it would already factor in the 10 new VM and it would tell you how many more VM you could add. See: Run scenarios with Capacity Planning - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

You could post your screenshots of your tests in here and we could take a closer look at the outcome/prediction.

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I'm not aware of details from your reports, but your assumption is most probably correct. VMs from VM Profiles exhaust whole physical core = 100% utilization of assigned core/cores.

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