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Level 16

Any new updates planned for Vmware events feature in VMAN?


any new updates being planned for Vmware events? Currently the options available are very limited..

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Level 16

Can you give more details on what you are looking for to be added to the events?

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1. When we click on events under Vmware events, it doesnt list the related object in many scenarios which should be available.

2. Option of variable to be used in alerting, is almost next to Nil. And since the source will be Vcenter for all cases so other variables should be available to be passed so that while sending to ticketing systems or email or any other destination, it can be made use of...

3. Filter options Or if we create multiple rules there are many scenarios that its not unable to validate all and result in issues...

4. There is option under Trigger condition to us Vmware Alarms or something but the usage of that is also un-clear... and again the options of using different source is very limited....

i had also raised a case(CUST-69630 “Alerting using Vmware Event”) for similar and they submitted a FR for it but not sure when any new updates are expected.Case 



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