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What resource do you wish you had in Orion that you don't currently?

Hi all,

while we're on the topic of managing views, surprise!--resources came up.  We're curious to know if there are resources you either wish you had in Orion that you don't have, or custom resources you've created from scratch because Orion doesn't have what you need.  Feel free to share scrubbed examples, as well, to give us more context.  Thanks!

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meech​ Wow, it's like Thwackmas today... This one will probably take me a little more time to put together, but I will definitely be back with my wishlist...

wluther​ we aim to please . . . .

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meech​ Okay, here we go...

To start my wishlist of resources I NEED in Orion, I would have to put my "Dynamic Graphing Resource" as my number 1 choice.Custom SQL Dynamic Graphing Resource

There are currently several options when it comes to graphing, however, there are absolutely 0 native options to automatically graph our ever changing environment. While I did piece together a temporary workaround, it is ugly, slow, and very inefficient. A native, and professional, resource for this would allow me to finally get rid of that piece of junk I frankensteined together...

Now that my number 1 choice is out of the way... Ever since the first time I used SolarWinds, many years ago, I have always wanted more, and different, information to be displayed, in less space. Throughout my many adventures in Orion customization, I have learned a few things... You can either do it the hard way, Custom Node & Polling, Combined Details Resource ... Or, you can be fortunate enough to stumble upon the easy way, Re: How to create a resource that looks like this?​. The best feature/function missing from the easy way is the ability to order/re-order the data to your liking. I can't believe this one stayed hidden, right in front of me, for so long... And all it's missing is an option to organize the data displayed.

I would think that I will be alone on this one, as our use case is fairly specific, however, when has that ever stopped me before... I needed to come up with a way to count the number of times a value was found in the most recent config, for multiple devices, across multiple areas, and display them both on demand, and instantly, when those nodes were down. This is the solution I was able to piece together, NCM PolicyCacheResults Individual Totals​. I would love for SolarWinds to build a simple database connector display query results thingy box... Something that would either use the default SolarWinds DB connection, OR allow you to easily query an external DB, and display the query results in a simple grid layout, sortable, of course... In the screenshot below, the "OccamDownAutoCount" resource, in the top left corner, provides us an instant total count of number of DSL customers down at any given moment. It is the counterpart to the solution mentioned in the link above.


While this one is not exactly, 100%, resource driven, I would say a resource could simply be another option to make it happen. I have always been a big supporter of fully utilizing my workspace/desktop real estate, as mentioned here, Changing the current 1:1 resource:column layout, to a 1:many resource:column layout?​. So, if we cannot have the layouts/views modified to have resources span multiple columns and rows, dynamically related to the resources, then maybe we could do the opposite. Perhaps we could put a single resource on a page, expanded to use the entire screen, but have the purpose of the resource be to display/arrange other resources to fit various other formats... OR... I suppose we could just have a resource to display existing reports, since those reports allow for a little more customization of the layouts. Re: Changing the current 1:1 resource:column layout, to a 1:many resource:column layout?

I reckon I could just keep typing up stuff all day, but, luckily, CourtesyIT​ has made many, many, many, many lists. One of those lists, How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds​, just happens to have a bunch of cool stuff, from a bunch of great ThwackNation members. I have found, and implemented, many suggestions from hcy01uk, alexslv, cnorborg, goodzhere, rschroeder, and many more users. Since your UX team is always on top of things, I presume y'all are already aware of some of those resources, but I figured I would put it here anyway, just in case others had missed it.

Here are just a few more links to posts, in regards to custom resources I have implemented, thanks to the efforts of this wonderful community.

Alert Prioritising Dashboard (SWQL) for Problematic Nodes (Servers)

Alert Prioritising Dashboard (SWQL) with Alert Time and Acknowledge Status

List Resources Custom resource for NPM summary page

How long each Node or Interface was down. NPM_v.10.6

Automatically Update World Map Points Based On Custom Property Value

Search Job Output

The Magic of SWQL: Create "All Components With Problems" Resource With Clickable Links, Status Icons...

Repetitive Email Alerts (Noise) - MUST HAVE REPORT!!!

Uncovering Polling Problems and Issues in Your Environment

Last, but not least, I have various custom resources I have built for our "Maintenance" page, showing specific tasks that need to be completed, for devices that do not match specific templates. Nothing fancy here, but the basic idea of the resource simply checks for specific values, specific fields, and then shows a list of nodes that match, as well as the direct link needed to fix the issue.


In the screenshot above, the "FIX ME - Topology Layers" resource simply shows any node that has the topology poller enabled, and then provides a way to correct it, since we do not want specific devices to have that option. (Yes, I am fully aware this is easily done, and in bulk, through the manage pollers screen...)

The resource directly below the previously mentioned resource show me nodes that do not have a matching poller value. I built this to help me balance my polling engines, and easily move devices between pollers for maintenance, without the need for downtime. Every device already has a "Polling Engine" value, so I created 2 more custom properties to tell me which poller the device SHOULD normally be on, and another to tell me which poller I can safely move the device to temporarily. If those values are not set, then this resource lets me know, and helps me keep my polling engines balanced and clean.

While the other resources in this screenshot have different purposes, they all share the same primary function. They all look for a specific value, and/or compare custom property "ABC" to "123", and then display the results, along with the correct path to resolve the issue.

And, from the "Hey, why not" department, how about a simple little chat box, allowing different users/departments to quickly communicate with each other. Again, nothing fancy, just a simple back and forth, either between two users, or a group of users...

Okay, I suppose I should finish up a few work tasks before.... oooohhh... wait a minute... yeah... how about that... how about a resources for "Tasks"? Server tasks, node tasks, maintenance tasks... Hmmm... Yeah, I vote for one of those resources too. While the notes resource is, well, there, I would love to be able to build a few tasks, either related to a custom property, or just in general, and put them into a resource, allowing me to see what has been done across all matching devices/elements. Keeping with the "Nothing Fancy" theme, I would just want something the users could simply click and verify, then logging that user to that action, on that date, at that time, for that device. No other user input needed, as that just slows things down, and we all know if it's too complicated, the users won't... uugghh.. too complicated... that just reminded of this post...

Thank you,


Even before I get into my own desires meech​,​ wluther​ hits on things I'd like to see.  The "All components with problems" was top of my list. Everything he links people basically should be doing, but it's only needed because the ux doesn't have these things built in.    

The first thing that comes to mind is one I was wishing for yesterday and that is linear and radial gauges for tabular UnDPs.  I think it would be awesome if it could contain multiple gauges and you could pick and choose which rows you wanted in the gauge(s).

I literally just created a feature request for this:

Pie charts that can be configured like custom tables.  Mostly because I'm fat and like anything with the word pie, but also because I want an easier way to graphically represent my environment.

Some requests from a client I had last week:

  • Parameterized reporting options (this already exists for charts, why not tables?)
  • Custom Table Resource with added Search and # of Rows fields (the Custom Query Resource, but for SQL)
  • A way to hide all of the "Classic" resources
  • Spark Charts and Gauges embedded in tables (nifty trick in SSRS)

sample_microchart_trellis.gif  dvt_pivot_gauges.png


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zackm​ YES!!! Those embedded graphs in tables are a MUST HAVE!! Both of those graphing options should be standard. Great suggestion!

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A similiar system of grouping in NCM as currently exists in NPM.

What I'd love more than anything, is to group devices by a region, then by device type, then by IOS.  This will make bulk config changes much easier!

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