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I've done basically the same thing is the past but using atlas became such a pain to use in keeping them up to date I eventually just took them down.  I have like 70 remote sites now.

Wow, thank you a ton.Great work indeed.

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Great share !

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Please update Network Atlas.  No wait - kill it.  And replace Network Atlas with a modern tool which can scan and discover, filter, and present objects - with full Visio integration.  Hold on, that sounds familiar, like most of the pieces are already present in the Orion platform... we just need the Visio integration...




I said please several times.


Just a suggestion 

Problem with All nodes with Vendor view is when there is a node down you will not be able to understand the down node is Critical for you to act some action accordingly

creating  the Nodes category will help quickly to find out what action is needed to take or just to ignore .


Ours is pretty simple, at least compared to some of the above submitted ones. There are some really impressive Network Atlas', I am going to have to spend some time developing one of our own. For now we use the NPM Summary page. 

NPM Summary.jpg

We have this as a dashboard, we have the boxes all linked to either web transactions, http component monitor, or netpath polls. These will change if the status changes on any of the components.  Disregard the black brush marks, had to blot out certain company information for security reasons.

Customer Experience.png

We use the Atlas maps for multi-location, multi-node, and multi-level active monitoring as well as app monitoring by different teams on our infrastructure and helpdesk teams.

STN Monitoring.PNG GVR Monitoring.PNGGV Map Monoring.PNG

App Monitoring.PNG