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We have a couple interconnected fiber rings that provide connectivity for our electrical substations. We use the maps to help us troubleshoot problems with some of these switches (which are sadly flaky.)  On one of these fiber networks, the switches will occasionally just stop working. When we get eyes on the switch, there are lights on, but no one is home, so to speak.  In the case of these flaky switches (GarrettCom), we've found if we reboot the switch one hop closer, the bombed switch will just start working again. We use the network maps to easily see which switch is out and which switches need to be looked at in the ring.

In other instances, we have "maps" of server environments which give us an at-a-glance view of some of our major application hardware. Allows us to see which servers the application is slamming, etc.

Things I like:

- Honestly, I love the entire concept.  Being able to create maps and quickly stick them in SolarWinds adds instant value to SolarWinds, especially for management.

- I love the ability to use database tags in labels. Have used this in an at-a-glance view of a very critical server environment, and management LOVED it.

Things that could use some work:

- I've got a situation where labels are just being shifted over 100 pixels to the left, and I have no idea why.  I've moved them and while they'll move vertically, getting them in place horizontally is a pain. Snap to grid would be AWESOME.

- The ability to nudge something by pixel using the arrow keys.  I use this ALL THE TIME in graphics packages, and since you already have align, this needs to be in place as well.

- Better graphics packages, and the ability to import graphics more easily.

Here is one of our maps.

We use a our Visio drawings, save them as a .PNG then use that as a background.  Then move the device and link objects to the correct location.

The blacked out part is circuit info so if someone needs that for a ticket it is easily available.

Simple and effective.


that's is almost always my #1 recommendation for maps.

use a Visio drawing! (or go to if you don't have a Visio license)

Here is my own home lab network rack


Each device is live when you click the view for that node .



That's a very cool way of doing it on the nodes page. I may have to play with that for some of our devices. Nice use of stensils. Though... surely no simple task on a rack size MLXe or Cisco 9k lol.

Dito what zackm has mentioned, as far as improvements around Network Atlas goes.

Specifically being able to show interface utilization when both ends aren't monitored.


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Here's ours for all the schools we support.



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In process, but making progress. Great for a quick view of the Great Lakes State.


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