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Sent my classic one from one of my test networks.



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Here is one I use in a NOC view. I have the overall status of our regions on a US map and then when you click on them they bring up a Visio picture of the region's physical rack. We do not have IT people that sit in the regions so this is so we can explain to someone what to reboot if needed as well as provide a high level view of our servers and network.



Maps emailed.

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We have about a dozen maps but this simple one which is part of our NOC on our wall display is used the most.
As for the tool itself I would have to agree with what zackm said above.    It can have nice results but using the tool is a dreadful experience


<golf clap>

i ❤️ this one!!!

anything that is super high-level with easy to identify problems and easy-on-the-eyes coloring is a win

Here you go - just our home state for now -

Atlas - lhoyle.png

Looks like the big dipper...

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