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Product Manager
Product Manager

xtraspecialj​ - we would certainly love to provide the tool your Network Team is looking for.  Are they more interested in seeing a map of the flow data represented?  When you say you can create what they are looking for, what kind of map is that?  What enhancements would allow you to create that same map in less time?  I agree, it is difficult to have a very specific look/ style of map you want to achieve, and then have to maintain that.  We would love to automate as much as possible.

What particular elements with the map, do you need automated?  For example; ensuring a device is removed from a map that has been removed from Orion is easy.  It wouldn't have to change layout of the map, or be put in a particular place.  However, adding devices to a map automatically would be the inverse.  How would you expect to ensure certain entities are added to a map?  Would you need to have that entity added in a specific location on a map?  Would the layout need to be automatically adjusted to accommodate?

Love having these discussions and hearing the feedback!  Thank you.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Thanks grantallenby​.  I know we have a ton of your requests documented and you have been involved in user sessions etc... so we appreciate the feedback.  As you mentioned the new Maps feature added in the latest release is a starting point.  We understand that a localized interpretation is not the way everyone wishes to view their environment but its a great way to provide some immediate value, and to highlight progress. 

The goal for the Maps project is to be able to provide exactly what you stated above.  An amazing visualization of the data provided through the power of the individual modules, and the technology stack.  We want users to be able to eventually see Network Topology, Application connections, NetPath, Flow Data, performance data, infrastructure relationships, to dependencies, and all the changes, performance data, and details everyone one wants.

However, all that data and information just crammed into one place without the proper tools to filter, search, manipulate etc... would likely not generate the praise we are hoping to receive.  And remember that everyone tends to have different opinions, and all of our users certainly have their own ideas of what is important for their environment.  Our teams are working very hard to make this come to fruition as quickly as possible.  We want to do better.  It is certainly a fun challenge to get in front of the curve, but that tends to be a constant moving target which makes it tough.

We hope to have more improvements and enhancements available soon!  Thanks for the great feedback.   

Thanks for replying Its really nice to know you still read these threads! Thwack is one of the main reasons I do love Solarwinds.

I appreciate this is a tough one and like you say staying ahead of things is tough! Appinsight did that really well for an all in one solution for SQL monitoring for example. It certainly made me look like I know what I'm on about with SQL Even that's a bit dated now though... give more Appinsight Cough Oracle Cough

But I digress.. That would be great. Achieve that and you will have network engineers biting your hand off! I love all the stack options you have now the only down side is I don't have SRM or VMAN so I actually miss out on some really cool features. I really don't want this new maps to mean I have to try and justify another extra module like I'm having too for App stack.

Even syslog is going into Log Manager another paid module which is a bit sad, although I understand why (I believe basic Syslog is staying but things like alerts are moving?). I just don't want any more moving away from NPM. Maybe you're not planning this but I could see you Guys and Gals coming up with something amazing for mapping but then adding it as another paid feature? Although I'm hoping that's not the case.

PS I actually really do like the new Maps but then I like getting small bits of something new while waiting for a major

Mapping of Network on Solarwinds map is not Admin friendly

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Did someone spin up a new version of this thread for the new Maps?  Today was my first time using the 2019.4 version to make something.  Just a quick WAN topo diagram between 3 sites.  Looking forward to really stepping up the game on these.


- Marc Netterfield, Github