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Just curious in such type of map.

How do you know if a cube is down / warning - if its critical or non critical ?

Something you can immediately identify if the group of nodes.


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I've created a group for each of our remote sites which contains all of the nodes for that site. I then assigned each cube one of those groups based on the site name. If the cube is yellow, there is one or more problems at that site. If the cube is red, the entire site is unreachable.

nickzourdos - LOVE IT!!! Very clean and a great idea!!

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Holy cow! That must have taken some time

Jeeze, did you use Spirograph to make that one.....


It only 10% of our map

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I sure hope some new-and-much-improved version of Atlas is coming soon.  I agree with earlier comments about it being clunky, about it providing too much or too little information, about it would be great if it tied into Visio and could automatically use Visio Stencils.

And wouldn't it make perfect sense to Atlas to have ties into Network Topology Manager?  (Which also needs some serious makeover work!)


Solarwinds are sadly behind the curve when it comes to network mapping as a whole in my opinion. I do really like the new maps feature and its a great start but I don't always want to localise it to only a few switches/routers. I want the whole picture.

I'm finding I use a combination of Maps, Netpath, Netflow to build pictures but why can't I just have it in one view. Integrating them all into a nested or zoomable view of my entire network would be amazing. Live links, Port info, Netflow data, dropped packets, high discards, etc... everything we can get now but all in one view.

Shall we say Net-Stack You can credit me later for that one Solarwinds

Yeah, our network team is looking into other products now to do network mapping.  Things like LiveAction and a few others.  It's a shame because I can get SolarWinds to do what they want... sort of.  I just don't have the time to spend to make it happen.  Network Atlas not only takes a lot of time to create a good map in, it takes a lot of time and attention to keep it working properly as the network changes.  It's not a good look for them to be shopping for a replacement product.  Our managers see this and it makes them think either I'm not doing my job or that SolarWinds isn't as good as we say it is.