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Show us your Network Atlas maps!

The User Experience group wants to see examples of the maps you build using Network Atlas. We also want to know: What do you like about Network Atlas? What challenges, frustrations or issues do you have with it?--Show us your Network Atlas maps either here OR email it directly to me at AND share your Network Atlas stories, then we'll award you 500 thwack points for sharing. Please submit your maps by June 26th, 2017 to receive 500 THWACK points.

UPDATE: we're no longer awarding points for this, but it's become a really popular post.  Please continue to share your maps with each other as there has been clear value to users in seeing what other users do, but UX can no longer award points for this.

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I don't have a story per say but I do hope you update Network Atlas soon. I actually love the tool but its seriously dated, clunky to use and very very slow. In the past I've actually resorted to using Visio to design the map and the add the blobs onto it, due to the lack of graphical ability with in Network Atlas.

I really hope good things will come in the future as its a very underrated feature on NPM


We do use Network Atlas extensively, but as has been pointed out - Network Atlas needs an overhaul.

Graphical capabilities, new icons, sizing of multiple icons at a time, selection of icons for multiple objects, align with grid and a lot more.

Align with Grid!

That would be amazing. Nothing worse then spending ages making everything line up only to find one is slight out.

Have seen a competitor (most likely ManageEngine) where they can snap all their objects to the grid.

Would love that feature and a match size feature.

Its so annoying having to manually try and match the size of multiple objects. I often use the circle icons and sizing them equally is down right impossible.

My method to do that is just to copy paste the objects that i want to match, then right click its properties and change the object associated with it.  When I'm doing a LOT of maps i tend to just get all my preferred graphics set up how i like them with the appropriate variables in their captions and such and I save that to a map and use it almost the way you would use an icon pack toolbar in visio.  There is also the align buttons on the edit tab to help with the line up you mentioned, but it would be nice if Atlas was more in line with the state of the art in those kind of tools.  To be honest my dream would be just to have a visio add-in that tied visio to the solarwinds db.  Would end the problem overnight and the solarwinds devs could stay focused on core NPM functions instead of trying to also build a graphical tools that is obviously outside their core competencies.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Or worse, lining everything up to find out that for some reason Network Atlas shifts several labels over 100px to the left.  I am dealing with this right now.  I have NO idea why it's doing this, but it's killing me.

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