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Need to create report to get ip's of phones in Vlan's on switches through NCM

I need to create a report, preferably through NCM which will allow me to get a handle on the IP's of phones within voice Vlans on all the switches in our network. I could run scheduled jobs, from NCM what I am thinking to do would be to first to run.....

"sh ip int brief | i Vlan" on a group of switches in one site, which would return me a list of the Vlan's on the switches. I would then need to sift through the job log to get a handle on what Vlan's are on what switch then I could run "sh ip arp Vlan 800" ,801,802 etc depending on what I get back from

"sh ip int brief | i Vlan" it would be a bit long winded  though!!! Are there any easier ways to do this through NCM??? Any input greatly appreciated!!!

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