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Updated vender OUI Information

Updated vender OUI Information

Currently, the last three upgrades of Solarwinds I have had to rebuild the Vendor OUI information table to update the entries. Without this 80% of the devices have unknown vendors.  Every build of UDT or Hotfix should include an updated table. Vendors are rapidly expanding to new allocations with all the device being built these days.  Please and thank you.



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Community Manager
Community Manager
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We have over 1600 devices showing up as Unknown in the vendor OUI. I opened a ticket with support, case 00580759, and was told that the database in UDT gets updated with new releases thus we'll have to wait to see if they publish the missing OUI's. I too wish and vote for Solarwinds to have a more up-to-date vendor OUI repository. When I took random samples from the attached list of unknown vendors and entered them into 3rd party sites like, they results came back with matching vendors. I included the list of unknown vendor MAC addresses in my case but I'd like to add it here if possible. I don't see how to attached the Excel spreadsheet in this post. Is that not possible?