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UDT additional poller: improve the install wizard (dbUpdates)

UDT additional poller: improve the install wizard (dbUpdates)

The Configuration wizard appears to run on an additional poller engine updates the database, in particular the indexes. Support case# 834741

This means you cannot run multiple install wizards at once to upgrade several additional pollers at once.

With a small install the dbUpdate probably complete quickly, but with a large install this causes deadlock and [at least] one of them will fail, causing the configuration wizard to fail on that additional poller.

I feel that dbUpdates should only be performed on the application server install, and that the additional pollers should only check/require that they have been installed there before moving on -- updating the database schema from additional poller installs seems like an idea fraught with challenge best left un-met.

Version: 3.2.2

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Level 17

I agree, seems redundant to have additional poller run same updates to DB that main engine does.  This also adds time to a very lengthy process already if you have several APEs and AWEs...assuming they don't break up dbupdates by nodes assigned to poller due to data integrity for time differences in updating main/additional...I head hurts now.

Level 13

I guess this is not only for UDT but for the rest of the SolarWinds modules which integrated in the main server and additional pollers

Product Manager
Product Manager

I have great news, for Orion Platform 2018.4 we have introduced support for Centralized Upgrades Orion Platform 2018.4 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support 

along side that feature, you have the ability to run all scalability engine (additional polling engines, additional websites, HA back up servers) installers in parallel.

The version of UDT that is shipped alongside this new version of the Orion Platform is User Device Tracker 3.3.2 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support