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UDT - Alert when a MAC address changes switchport

UDT - Alert when a MAC address changes switchport

Would be nice to have an alert that triggers whenever a MAC address changes to a different switch port - we are having issues with users moving PCs without telling us which makes asset tracking very difficult.

(The pre-canned alert included with UDT also alerts whenever a mac address disconnects and reconnects to the same switch port, which basically just raises a lot of false positives).

Orginal disucssion is here:

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This is a HUGE need for our enterprise. PLEASE implement this. We have many separated networks in our enterprise and we NEED a way to alert and track when devices move between networks.

still nothing new here... This request was created in year 2014....

still nothing...

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One of our networks is tightly secured, while other networks are less tight.

It would be a real security issue if one device moved from our less tightly controlled networks to our highly secured network.

That's what we want UDT to be able to alert us on.

Is this not a issue for a lot of enterprises?

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Also check out
- A similar kind of request but bigger in scope.

Bumping this. There's a desperate need for this functionality, it could actually potentially solve the E911 problem we are facing.

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Bumped up.  Would love this functionality.

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I agree bump it up for E911!.  It's true this request doesn't affect most people, but it's a massive issue when it comes to E911. Solarwinds staff note, this is a marketing gold!  I can't think of many monitoring solutions out there what are a lined with E911.

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I also need this feature with security top of the list and the requirement to be PCI compliant

Level 11

Exactly right! This is one of the most important features that could be added for security! Please Solarwinds!