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Remove Wireless Monitoring from UDT

Remove Wireless Monitoring from UDT

It appears that upon installation of UDT, the Wireless nodes already discovered in NPM are automatically added to UDT and we would like to have the ability to remove these wireless devices from UDT but not NPM.

We are situated in an office block with other companies on other floors. Our wireless network is broadcast and anyone on any floor is able to see our SSID. These other uses are able to obtain an ip address through DHCP however are unable to gain full accesses as they are challenged for a username and password.

The problem is that 100’s of wireless devices are coming in and out of our office block everyday which then makes it appear we are getting 100’s of rogue device attempts. We would like to create a corporate white list and then any rogue devices which don’t exist on that white list could be investigated but we are effectively being spammed by these wireless devices which we have no control over.

This means that the white/rogue list features are effectively useless and was one of the main reasons for purchase. We really only want to monitor rogue devices which have physical access to our network and not wireless devices.

We would like to maintain the Wireless nodes in NPM and have them removed from UDT however under the ALL UDT NODES box the wireless devices aren’t listed and thus can’t be removed.

The new feature should either prevent the wireless nodes being added automatically to UDT or provide the ability to remove them.


Magic C.

A case has been raised with SW: #630035

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I've found the automatic inclusion of wireless an issue too, I'm being spammed by UDT alerts for devices attaching to our guest wireless and it's getting really old very fast. I don't even have the ability to say, don't alert if it's on wireless or wired! Ideally I would like some control of what's included (i.e. the WLC should be added as an UDT node at least) and ideally able to say which SSID's are monitored (i.e. if we have a guest WLAN and an internal system WLAN).

peter.ksenzsigh - This is just what I was talking about on Thursday in our call.

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I've come across this issue and I am trying to find the simplest resolution. Did you get anywhere with this?

I may end up removing the wireless devices from NPM to stop this from occurring.

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