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Fix UDT polling for Cisco Nexus FEX ports

Fix UDT polling for Cisco Nexus FEX ports

This is related to my post in the UDT forums - UDT not working on Nexus FEX units

Currently Cisco Nexus FEX layer 2 access ports are not populating the vmMembershipSummaryTable because the port ifindex is above the limit of 2048.  Because the vmMembershipSummaryTable is not populated, UDT does not know which vlans to grab when it polls the dot1DBasePortTable@vlanXXX and dot1dTpFdbTable@vlanXXX.  As a side note, Switch Port Mapper in the Engineer's Toolset is able to grab the MACs and map the IPs.

We need UDT to be able to poll our Nexus FEX ports and display MAC and IP info for them.

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I agree.  This feature is absolutely imperative for us to have as well.

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It is absurd that solarwinds can't make this work. The same thing is happening on for the 6800IA switches. Cisco is using ‘vmMembershipSummaryExtTable’ (ODI


what is the status of this????

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We just started to troubleshoot this -- has this seriously not been addressed for several years now?


Not that I have seen.

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I'm no Solarwinds insider, but it looks to me like this feature may be coming soon.  Check out this post where cobrien is looking for SNMP walks and such from Cisco Nexus switches with FEX:

Calling All Cisco Nexus Admins! (2,000 Thwack Points)

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Yes please!  Thanks

Bump.  And extra points for making FEX's in ACI work with UDT.

Has anyone at least been able to find some sort of workaround for this?

More bump.