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Cisco ISE Integration

Cisco ISE Integration

Integration with Cisco ISE, to get more reliable information about the network switch and port or wireless controller where the user is connected.

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I would really like to see this feature, especially if it can monitor radius and tacacs logins similar to what it does with AD

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I agree as well. The bulk of my users faculty, staff, students, and Alumni are stored on Unix LDAP servers. AD is only used for faculty and staff use. Due to this I can't justify obtaining UDT (User Device Tracker). Instead I'm forced to continue to use other means to track printers, users devices, etc. . .


Level 16

If UDT could take the UDT logs, or query the ISE DB that would be perfect, why have UDT doing all this scanning and traps AND ISE doing all its profiling...

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See also FR:

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