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missing/incorrect router info

I have installed the PR2 release on our Orion NPM server, and so far everything looks good.  I added the "port details" frame our nodes view, and found it interesting. while we can select the "Show Ips for" drop down to pick the router we want, I only have 1 showing up - and it is the wrong one.  In addition, there is no IP info. This switch is connected to a Cisco 6513 MLS that has all the vlan gateways.

I know my core device is in Orion, but its not being shown here - any thoughts?

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Level 15

It appears your routers are not all discovered. When you run Port Discovery, there is a check box to scan for layer 3 information. When we scan the node, we look for the ipForwarding flag to see if there is layer 3 information available. Unfortunatley, many devices (such as Layer 3 switches) respond negatively to this query but still have good layer 3 information. We are working on a fix for this specific issue.

In the meantime, try to run Port Discovery again and make sure you are monitoring some ports on the switch so that we will collect information. Another place to find information about this is on the UDT Settings -> UDT Job Status page. You should see a Layer 3 job type for the router. If this is not there, we are not poling it for router information.


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I just read this, I have the same problem.  Could it just be made so we can manually pick a router as well?  I know I also have an issue where there are multiple routers on site and UDT often picks the wrong one.  IE it will select the voice gateway which is not routing anything instead of the L3 switch or the actual site gateway for data.

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Yes, this is something we are looking at fixing quickly (manual identify a Layer 3 device).

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+1 for me....

I have a campus that has HSRP routers but the access switch's have not associated with either of these.

I also have a DC that has Cisco 4948's running at L2 and they have not found a router to associate with.


(In all fairness we actually only bought UDT for capacity managment but it would be nice to track user's as per the product is made for)

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