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User Device Tracker v2.0.0 is very disappointing

I am in the market to look for a software that can track down switchport via IP, MAC, hostname, port description and I run across UDT version 2.0.0.  I am a OpenBSD person so running the software on Windows does not have much appealing to me but I am willing to give it a try.  I downloaded UDT 2.0 and installed on my lab Windows 2003 Enterprise server.  I have a lab environment with consist of PaloAlto, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme devices with both layer-2 and layer-3 switches in this lab environment.  Here is what I did:

-   Install Windows 2003 Enterprise with SP2 on a Dell R710 server dual processors & quad cores with 12 GB RAM,

-   Install UDT 2.0.0

-   Configure UDT 2.0.0 to collect data via SNMP every five minutes on all of the devices in my lab environment (about 10 totals).  My core network is a pair of layer-3 3750 switches with a bunch of vlan on there.  I also have other switches a layer-2 with the firewalls as layer 3.


When I look at the data collected by UDT 2.0.0, a lot of information is missing.  For example, I have 10 interfaces on the firewalls but UDT 2.0.0 can only collect 4.  On a Cisco Pix interfaces, it shows me two IP addresses instead of one.  I assume that because I have static NAT on the Pix for proxy arp but I have NONE so that is just wrong.

I also have Juniper firewalls as well and it seems like UDT has issues correlating ip/mac addresses when there are firewalls in the middle.  Before you can say that I am not configuring the UDT correctly, let me just say that UDT can poll ALL of my network/firewalls devices correctly with SNMP. 


UDT 2.0.0, on paper is really promising but in implementation, I find it very disappointing.  That's my honest assesment about the product.  It still has a long way to go to work properly in a complex enterprise environment.

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Thank you for your detailed and honest feedback. It sounds like your environment is fairly straightforward so I'm surprised to see you are having issues like this. We have seen issues where devices don't full implement a MIB so we aren't able to fully collect the data we need. That might be happening here (or not).

If you are open to it, I would really like to schedule a call to walk through these issues and see what we can do to make the product better. There will be problems with products, but the best way we can make them better is to get honest and great feedback like this so we can quickly improve them.

I will send you an email to follow up.

Thank you,


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I spoke to Mav this morning to discuss these issues and there are some very cool things about the products but UDT also relies on vendors to supply correct information. 

There will be new features add to the product later this year.

Mav is a very knowledgable person in terms of how the product works.  I am very impressed.

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I'm going to dive in on this thread.  We've evaling this product for about 15 days now and we are also very dissapointed.  I've had a running problem ticket into the sales team and sales engineers and so far no resolution.  The product is not showing router/switch uplinks (connections to and from a router to router).  The only thing we see is host and user ports.  Let me also say we are all Cisco shop and we have verified they completely implement the mibs by doing mib walks ourselves.  The information for up links shows in the arp tables and mib walks.  Also we have yet to be able to get Active Directory to show user logins.   UDT is showing the wmi access of the domain servers as successful and active but that's as far as we get. 

THe other complaint I have is that the Sales Engineer says he's forwarding all the info we've provided at his request to the dev team and apparently they're either not responding or not giving status updates as to progress.  The response has not been like the rest of Solarwinds support, which is excellent.

I'd welcome any kind of acknowledgement that dev knows about the problem and is working on it to repair in this version or it's going to be fixed in the next version. 

The reason this product is so important to us is that we are deep into an IT Service Managment implementation and are looking to get down to the user level to ID change control and incident impact.   NPM, NCM, and UDT are integral to capturing that data.

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That's too bad.  For me it was about a half a days worth of work to get everything completed.

I setup UDTv2 setup on network that is an all Cisco shop as well.  I found the install, and configuration pretty straight forward.  There were a few issues I encountered with the MAC/ARP/IP information not populating, but after less than 30 min of troubleshooting discovered there was a view/context configuration missing on all the access switches that prevented the download of the MIB data. 

After I completed everything, I took a test drive through the app, and everything that the app can do was functioning. 


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Jeff, I'm sorry about your frustration and you certainly have good cause for it here. I can assue you,  development has been working on your case after your Sales Engineer escalated it. I know there has been a lot of back and forth without much progress. Based on a quick synch with development, this appears to be a bug / feature request. We appear to be collecting data that we are not showing. Development is still working on their investigation, but you should hear something back very soon. We want to get this functionality improved soon, but I can't say when this will be.

If you still have concerns about this, please let me know and I'll work with you offline.


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